Congratulations with the baby on the way!

Your newborn session will be a special milestone in your baby’s life.

A newborn session will take about 1-3 hours. 

The best time for a newborn session is around 8-13 days after birth.

In this timeframe the baby will be in a more sleepy and curly stage, and thus makes it a easier to achieve those dreamy shots of your newbie.

After this period it will be a bit more challenging to put the baby to sleep because the baby will be more alert and will make it difficult to get those curled up shots.

My style is using soft light colors, yet simple. I have a collection of high quality furs,

backgrounds & floors, soft baby wraps, one of a kind headbands and beautiful bonnets that I use for a newborn session.

These are all included to use for the photo session. All furs, wraps and clothes

are washed and cleaned with baby hypo- allergenic detergent before and after a session.

A newborn baby is very sensitive and I would like everything neat and clean for each baby :)


I could only take about 5 newborns a month, so to ensure a spot for a newborn session,

contact me as soon as possible. (preferably in your 2nd trimester)

Below you will find a step to step guide of what to expect during & after a newborn session.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask :)

Hope to hear more from you soon!



Newborn Investment

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