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Ik Multimedia Sampletank 2.5 Serial Number (2022)




guy_: are you sure you want to install the OS? it is not exactly "linux friendly" guy_, yes, use dd I have a ton of data on the hdd that I need so I can't just get rid of the entire thing... I figured I'd get it all backed up so I could have a linux install while its still backed up and hopefully I don't need it. and what data? data from windows? then its even worse. no... I have a ton of my music and a ton of my pictures all stored in folders.... guy_: for photo and video work, look into using pitivi guy_: i mean, pitivi i don't have a ton of music and a ton of pics, i have my "core" collection on a second hdd... I figured i'd back up everything i need and put linux on it that's what I'm looking at guy_: dd will not help there. it will make a block zero filled image of the disk. so you need to backup your data to external media and then put the image on the hdd and install linux I'm just looking for something that has the commands I need to restore i figured i'd use the command "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdc bs=1M" (or 2M) then once i'm done installing linux restore the partitions back to their original state. If I'm going to have to use linux for my photo and video needs I want a linux that i can easily use to make 3d models and textures.... the closest thing is blender... I just need the best bang for the buck guy_: why does your install need to be restore? you can use gparted to move the partitions around afterwards. because my friend is going to do my linux install and I'm going to be off somewhere else for awhile and want my linux install to be untouched when I return.





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Ik Multimedia Sampletank 2.5 Serial Number (2022)

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