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Baby Sierra Mia

Her name is BEAUTIFUL!

Sierra Mia....

sounds like a celebrity.... baby celebrity! YESSSS

Meet Little Baby Sierra Mia -- Aside of her beautiful name, it really matches her too.. Very Beautiful baby I had the honor of photographing. I mean, who doesn't love newborn babies & those little toe-ies!? And she was all in all a snoozy baby. Which made me go koo-koo because when a baby sleeps like there's no tomorrow, I pose that baby as much as possible (which makes the parents go koo-koo as well because they would have trouble selecting their favorite photos!)------they'll try to kill me later :P

I think I made it to about 5 different color setups. Variation is key for me for a Newborn Session, either if it's a Mini NB Session or a Luxe Newborn Session, I will go, as they say here in Aruba "ALL OUT" (GO ALL IN)... I love to see different poses and if you know my style, I LOVE COLORS... and seeing that in a client's gallery makes me all gushy inside (I hope her parents felt the same way as well :-) )

Below you'll find photos of Sierra's Session...I hope you love Sierra's Newborn Photos as much as I do! ♡

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