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..It is a smile of a baby that makes life worth living..

Little Babes are photographed when they are 4 months and older
When should you book a session? 

Babies from 4 months up to 12 months go through several cute milestone's within a year... I will tell you the months where booking a session for your little babe is the best and what you could expect:

4 to 5 months babies
Babies during this time can lift their head up when they are on their tummy and roll over... the session will consist of these shots together with shots from above when they are on their back

6 to 7 months babies
Hooray! Your little babe has reached half a milestone! Babies this stage will almost start to sit on their own and can lift her head pretty steadily! Sometimes I can use a prop (bed prop, crate, tub) to help them sustain their back if they have trouble sitting on their own.

8 to 10 months babies
Probably my favorite milestone for babies! At this stage..your baby can sit quite well... standing by him or herself supported by a chair or bench... and the best of all.. she will be all giggly! This is the stage where they laugh the most... 

11 to 12 months babies

"the 1st birthday session"
Congratulations! Your baby will soon be turning one year old :) And I'm sure it has been a wonderful year for you and your little babe! 
This session you can bring balloons, cake, props to make your babe's 1st birthday a memorable one

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