Baby Sierra Mia

Her name is BEAUTIFUL! Sierra Mia.... sounds like a celebrity.... baby celebrity! YESSSS Meet Little Baby Sierra Mia -- Aside of her beautiful name, it really matches her too.. Very Beautiful baby I had the honor of photographing. I mean, who doesn't love newborn babies & those little toe-ies!? And she was all in all a snoozy baby. Which made me go koo-koo because when a baby sleeps like there's no tomorrow, I pose that baby as much as possible (which makes the parents go koo-koo as well because they would have trouble selecting their favorite photos!)------they'll try to kill me later :P I think I made it to about 5 different color setups. Variation is key for me for a Newborn Session, eith

Sitter babies are the yummiest

What is a sitter baby..and why are they the yummiest? A baby who can sit and hold him or herself up is considered a sitter baby... And it's mostly important for them not to crawl yet! Once they start crawling we are in trouble haha! It will be more of an exercise than a photosession, in a good way ;) I have all the energy to chase them do not worry! :D Mostly between 6 to 10 months. This little girly girl over here is a little over 10 months, but did terrifically well at her photosession :) styled by Pris Lee Photography... Soon we will offer the cutest outfits for your baby's session! I think more in about 2019 this will happen for sure... In the meantime enjoy a sneak peak of what goes dow

This photoshoot was quite magical

A blast from the past..from one of my favorite sessions I have ever done. We had set our alarm around 5AM Aruba time. We had to wake up quite early for this one. It was a SUNRISE SESSION...yups! This says it ALL! I can get pretty excited for a sunrise session, I can't really sleep the night before... particularly because it's never asked for and I get so worried I might snooze for the session....and that morning sunrise light is unreal. Especially in Aruba. It's really magical. YES IT'S A REAL DAY STARTER. Since the client must be up atleast 1 hour or two before the session, to glam up etc. And the location is pretty far away from the Touristic Area (Parke Arikok aka where magic thingies hap

Meet Baby John-Philip

John-Philip: 19 days fresh...19 days of yumminess... and though he was an older baby than usual (best time to photograph a newborn session is between 6 to 12 days young).. he did amazing at his newborn session! Let's just say he'd preferred to sleep than staying awake (hooray for me!)

Beautiful Mama in a perfect setting

Where can I begin to say how IN LOVE I am with this maternity session! This session had all the perfect feels, from beautiful mama and papa, to the perfect flowy and make-up was amazingly done, perfect day with an amazing pinky sky... and it all took place in a divine setting at the Divi Beach in Aruba. Alyah and Islam came all the way from Massachusetts to capture all these beautiful portraits with their first baby on the way. Take a look at all my favorites of their session (which are quite a lot). Enjoy :)

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