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Sitter babies are the yummiest

What is a sitter baby..and why are they the yummiest? A baby who can sit and hold him or herself up is considered a sitter baby... And it's mostly important for them not to crawl yet! Once they start crawling we are in trouble haha! It will be more of an exercise than a photosession, in a good way ;) I have all the energy to chase them do not worry! :D

Mostly between 6 to 10 months.

This little girly girl over here is a little over 10 months, but did terrifically well at her photosession :) styled by Pris Lee Photography... Soon we will offer the cutest outfits for your baby's session! I think more in about 2019 this will happen for sure... In the meantime enjoy a sneak peak of what goes down in a Baby Session

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