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This photoshoot was quite magical

A blast from the past..from one of my favorite sessions I have ever done. We had set our alarm around 5AM Aruba time. We had to wake up quite early for this one. It was a SUNRISE SESSION...yups! This says it ALL! I can get pretty excited for a sunrise session, I can't really sleep the night before... particularly because it's never asked for and I get so worried I might snooze for the session....and that morning sunrise light is unreal. Especially in Aruba. It's really magical.

YES IT'S A REAL DAY STARTER. Since the client must be up atleast 1 hour or two before the session, to glam up etc. And the location is pretty far away from the Touristic Area (Parke Arikok aka where magic thingies happen)...but it's definitely worth it.... Gabriella brought the most gorgeous dress I have seen on this planet (bragging much lol) but it really is! And thanks to my hubby who was my assistant for throwing that train as awesome as possible... See for yourself :) Gabriella and Rocco are from Brooklyn and they were the kindest ever! THANK YOU <3

FUNFACT: This beach is the same beach where Sports Illustrated had their photoshoot of 2018 done where poor Kate Upton fell off of that Rock in the middle of the beach!

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